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Success Story
Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers at the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding in Dubai

I have a passion of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, started as a volunteer at the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Center for Cultural Understanding in Dubai. Because the trainees’ sake was on the top of my priorities’ list, I focused on meeting and analyzing their needs, and then took the initiative to prepare an integrated program to enable those wishing to learn Arabic in 66 hours. I registered the intellectual property rights of the program with the competent government authorities in the UAE.

I am delighted to have you join the program to take you on a beautiful  journey during which you will enjoy learning the language of Dhad, the  only language in the world that distinguishes the letter Dhad.

By the end of the program, you will be able to communicate with Arabs around you using familiar phrases, and you will be able to read all the words you find written in road signs or even books and publications.

Teaching standard Arabic to volunteers 
Emirates Airline Festival of Literature 
in Dubai

 Teaching Standard Arabic for graduate students 
in New York University, USA