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Turn your dreams into reality

If you have a future vision of what you want to achieve, and a positive energy, with a strong will that is thirsty to pursue continuous learning, all you have to do is discover and enhance your latent capabilities and then set out to chase your dreams and reach your goal, so you strive to transform your vision and ideas into a methodology and action plans that translate your smart goals and strive to achieve them with passion And unfailing determination, to find yourself among the successful, to inspire others around you and take them with you on your success journey.

This is what I armed myself with to take the initiative in 2013, and assume my responsibilities towards the UAE community in which I have lived since 1998, so I started my volunteer career by launching 3 innovative and sustainable community initiatives to spread knowledge and promote the use of the Arabic language in a multicultural society , and establishing a culture of innovation to contribute effectively to achieving the UAE Vision 2021, so my efforts were crowned with success and I won 6 awards within 5 years (2015-2019).

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Rawda Saad

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