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Social Responsibility

God created us to populate the earth, and we are all responsible for playing an active role to achieve the goal for which we were created, following the words of our noble Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him: (The most beloved of people to God are those who are most helpful to people... And To walk with a brother of mine on a need is dearer to me than I'tikaaf in this mosque...))

In this way, each individual can contribute to building his society with the capabilities, knowledge, skills and experiences he possesses, with which God distinguished him from others. Happiness lies in giving without waiting for anything in return. Whether it is spreading knowledge to those around us who need it and encouraging them to learn and raise their ambitions, or volunteering to train others and hone their skills, or teaching them a craft that will be a source of livelihood for them, or holding events and occasions to bring joy to their hearts or supporting them financially and morally, or sharing their special occasions and expressing Sympathizing with them, or smiling in their faces and saying a kind word to them, at a minimum, will not cost us.

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