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Arabi Mubin Initiative


My story began when I was provoked by spelling errors on road signs, food menus, or social media posts. In 2013, I took the initiative to prepare and launch the “Araby Mubin” volunteer initiative under the umbrella of the Arabic Language Protection Society in Sharjah, with generous sponsorship from its board of directors.

Goal: Strengthening the national identity and spread Awareness using a sound Arabic language free of errors (grammar and spelling) and investing in social networking sites to teach its rules and how to correct them in an innovative way. (Please link the page with an Arabic account shown on Instagram).

The Result: Increasing awareness among official authorities, decision makers and all individuals of their responsibilities towards protecting the Arabic language as part of the identity, in addition to inspiring and motivating followers to make a positive change in the UAE society and beyond.

Would you like to design creative CSR initiatives that serve your community and achieve your goals?

مهرجان القراءة العائلي الثاني 2017_edited.jpg
شهادة مشاركة في المؤتمر الدولي الخامس 06.05.2016.jpg
كأس الإبداع الثقافي - الجامعة القاسمية_edited.jpg
تكريم خاص - جائزة أفكار الإمارات مجموعة دبي للجودة- عربي مبين - أفكار الإمارات 2015.jpg
عرض مبادرة عربي مبين في المؤتمر الدولي الخامس للغة العربية .JPG 2016.jpg
عربي مبتكر - 02.05.2017.jpg
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