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الأسئلة الشائعة

  • How can I request a service?
    You can browse the services advertised on our website, choose what suits your needs, and fill out the application for the required service.
  • Is it possible to request services that are not mentioned on the site?
    Since it is difficult to list all kinds of initiatives that fall within the scope of corporate social responsibility, you can contact us and specify your requirements, and we will be happy to meet them if they fall within the activities we are licensed to practice.
  • How much does a document review cost?
    The cost of revision and proofreading depends on several factors that we hope you will determine, such as: 1.Is it required to review grammatical and spelling errors? 2.Is it only required to correct spelling errors? 3.Is it required to correct linguistic and spelling errors, rephrase some phrases, and coordinate the entire content? 4.Is it required to add an accent on the last letters of the words? 5.Is it required to add diacritics to all the letters of the words? 6.Is it required to set the content within a framework or templates specific to the company? 7.Any other requirements (please specify).
  • Can you review and audit the posts of social media accounts?
    Yes sure, we can.
  • How long does work take?
    The completion period depends on the size of the document and the quality of the content. We hope that you will specify the required delivery date when filling out the service request form, while allowing 5 working days to review the document and inform you of the cost.
  • Can you design initiatives for government agencies?
    Yes, of course, and our experience in this is more than 10 years crowned with success.
  • What do social responsibility initiatives include?
    After meeting with the requesting entity and getting acquainted with its strategic objectives and future vision, unique initiatives are designed that are consistent with the entity's vision and the country's strategic directions. The activities may include workshops, competitions, and various programs that serve their purpose.
  • How much does a community initiative cost?
    The cost is determined based on meetings with the requesting party, an assessment of the size of the initiative, the activities it includes, the targets and many related factors.
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